When we build a home, we don’t start with lumber and nails, we start with you.

At Fielding Homes, we thoughtfully design every aspect of your home, allowing it to reflect your style and life. From the search for the perfect neighborhood to the selection of ideal finishes, we want your homebuilding and home-buying processes to be exceptional. Beginning with design and construction and through to closing and beyond, our expert team is with you every step of the way. We give you the confidence, guidance and knowledge you need to make your home so much more than you ever imagined. Home is the center of your whole world, and that’s why we’ve made it the center of ours.


To deliver on our vision, our decisions are guided by the following principles:

Be authentic to the local community and environment.

Our homes reflect their surroundings. We create homes and neighborhoods that seamlessly integrate into the surrounding area, protecting the natural environment while reflecting the culture and history of the local community.

Embrace thoughtful design.

With a deep understanding of homeowners’ needs and desires, we pay special attention to the rooms and spaces that are the heart of the home. Every element of our homes is carefully designed and curated to stand out in the ways that matter most to homeowners.

Create places of enduring value.

Our homes are designed and built for the people who live there today and those who will live there tomorrow. We are driven by smart business decisions that recognize and address the interests of current and future residents as well as the local community.

Deliver a customer-focused experience.

We elevate the home-building and home-buying experiences by empowering homebuyers and delivering a product that meets their needs on every level. Our expert team offers support and guidance long after closing, ensuring the entire process is not just easy, but enjoyable.

Focus on community life.

Great communities require more than beautifully designed homes to be successful. Connections and shared experiences — both inside and outside of the home — are essential to building community. We invest in infrastructure and programming that nurtures the social fabric of a community, allowing it to not simply grow, but to thrive.